Visual Knowledge Building II

The lecture series intends to unfold a historical trajectory of the crisis (modernism) and boom of representation (in popular culture and the return of the images to the natural sciences). The shift from the machine-oriented industrial age to the post-industrial age of cybernetics and information and communication technologies paved the way to an open system in which economic, ecological, political and social, cognitive and scientific agendas returned to the sphere of art.

Lecture 1:
Internet aesthetics

Lecture 2:
Iconic Turn - Iconic Clash


Lecture 3:
Interactivism in the 1980's and 1990's


Lecture 4:
Closed Circuit


Lecture 5:
Digital art - Code - Coder


Lecture 6:
Knowledge Design


Lecture 7:
Art as Logo


Lecture 8:
Who are the artists of tomorrow?



Write an essay considering one of the following relevant problems:
1. What political conflict lies behind the iconoclastic controversy?
2. What political situations are hidden behind the iconoclasts and the iconophiles?
3. Is there a politics of representation?
4. Describe different models of interactivity and how they connect to mixed reality.
5. What are the sociological and political consequences of a surveillant culture based increasingly on entirely non-phenomenal logics of data gathering and aggregation?
6. To what extent is the identity of so-called "media art" or digital art defined by its nature as art based on code?