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TEXTS, KNOWLEDGE VISUALIZATIONSIf I imagine a situation that sees me standing in front of a door where there is a sign mounted saying, “NO entrancefor human beings”, then I would certainly start wildly speculating about ALL POSSIBLE SCENARIOS behind the door… More EXHIBITIONS, INSTALLATIONSIt is obvious that an imagined world, however different it may be from […]

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Photography, Multimedia

EXAMPLESStefan Sonvilla-Weiss, Untitled, 1995. Color copy, plexiglass, wood, 105 x 72 x 6 cmStefan Sonvilla-Weiss, Untitled, 1997. Computeraided large scale imagery, 120 x 80 cmStefan Sonvilla-Weiss, Land, 1993. Color print, transparency film, 840 x 594 mmStefan Sonvilla-Weiss, Stills from the animation Fruits, 1997Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss, Screen-, navigationdesign of the interactive CDRom Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss Arbeiten 1991–1997Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss, […]

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